10 Best Nintendo DS Games for children

When choosing a Nintendo DS game for a child you may want to pick a game that has little to no violence and hopefully no foul language. You can generally following the rating system printed on each game (i.e., rated E or E10+) but even that can be misleading at times. We have put together a list on great Nintendo games based on what kids REALLY like, this way you can avoid the bad games. The following list features the 10 best Nintendo DS games kids love the most and rejects the games that are inappropriate for younger gamers.

Top 10 DS games for kids

According to our own focus group results and personal research.

10. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn E10+

It's received good ratings all over the place. Rated E10+ for mild fantasy violence, it's good for your child of 10 or older. It's got a fun story. Fun gameplay, tons of lasting appeal and some pretty impressive graphics.
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Nintendogs DS game for kids9. Nintendogs (rated E)

Rated E for everyone, Nintendogs comes in 9th on our list of great DS games for your little one. There are litteraly (pun intended) a dozen or so different iterations of this title for you to choose from. It's a virtual pet game, perfect for moms and dads who prefer a virtual pet to keep the messes to a minimum, your child will have tons of fun with Nintendogs.
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8. Super Scribblenauts (rated E10+)

This title has received critical praise. This is the sequel to the original game titled "scibblnauts". Super Scribblenauts will keep your little one entertained for hours. Rated E10+ this game is recommended for kids 10 and over due to some cartoon violence and comic mischief. The cute art design won't win any graphic contests, but the gameplay, lasting appeal and even the sound will keep your kid coming back to this immense puzzle game for more!
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Mario Kart DS game for kids7. Mario Kart DS (rated E)

The very first time I ever played a Super Nintendo back in the early 90's I became hooked on Mario Go Karts, in fact I still love that version of the game to this day. And Mario Kart DS brings back the same feeling that was made so popular when the game was originally released. It's a racing game mixed with fun as the characters throw wacky objects at each other as they race to the finish. Mario Kart DS is an improved version of the original and kids absolutely love it making this game the 3rd best selling DS game of all-time.
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6. Tetris DS (rated E)

The classic puzzler is back and needs no introduction. Frantic block stacking fun for kids of all ages. A must for your child's game library, you'll have fun playing it too!
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5. Puzzle Quest Galactrix (rated E10+)

What this game boils down to is a puzzle game reminiscent of bejeweled and other puzzlers. You solve geometry based puzzles while some characters chatter in the background. Watch out though, there are some references to alcohol and violence but nothing graphically depicted. This one ranks high on our list as far as fun factor and kid friendliness.
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Might & Magic: Clash of Heros DS game for kids4. Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes (rated E10+)

Mild violence, some minor language and minor cartoony suggestive themes pepper this fun fantasy title. Previously known as "Heroes of Might & Magic" this title departs from the long worn formula of the series and takes a less game boardish approach to fun. This game combines pure strategy with an RPG feel and a HUGE world to discover. Exploration is tons of fun, your kid will really enjoy it.
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3. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (rated E10+)

Possible the highest rated game of all time on the Nintendo DS is this awesome Zelda title. Superb story telling and astounding graphics that push the DS to it's limits make this a must have title. It's rated E10+ due to cartoon violence (Link has a sword afterall.) If you can get past that, this is a game that your kid will talk your ear off about!
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2. Kirby: Canvas Curse (rated E)

This game is rated E for everyone, but we recommend it to kids 6 and older. There isn't anything objectionable, it just might be difficult for younger kids to understand and play. This is another title featuring everyone's favorite pink puff ball. Rated as one of the best titles of all time on any hand held, Kirby will delight your child. Beautiful graphics, a long, albeit slightly ridiculous story and fun platforming gameplay make this a title your kid will love.
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Best Nintendo DS game for children1. New Super Mario Bros. (rated E)

Nintendo's signature character Mario (the funny little plumber) has been entertaining kids ever since Nintendo started making games. The New Super Mario Bros. DS game is one of the best Mario games ever released. The fact that this is the best selling Nintendo DS game of all time should tell you that kids love it! This is a "traditional" side scrolling game with some added dimensions. The DS system is the perfect system for Super Mario as the second screen helps kids get a feel for their progress within each level. The bright colors, the fun music, and the addicting levels will keep children entertained for hours and hours. Super Mario Bros. is the king of kids Nintendo DS games and for good reason because this game is great!

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